Docfy has a set of options you can configure and might have read about them here . You might have been wondering how to set these options in the Ember app context.

The Docfy integration with Ember reads a file named .docfy-config.js from the root of your app to set the config.

In this file, you can add any Remark Plugins, add markdown file sources, and more.

Below is a example of a configuration file.

// .docfy-config.js

const path = require('path');
const autolinkHeadings = require('remark-autolink-headings');
const highlight = require('remark-highlight.js');
const codeImport = require('remark-code-import');

module.exports = {
  remarkPlugins: [
      { behavior: 'wrap' }
  sources: [
      root: path.resolve(__dirname, '../../../docs'),
      pattern: '**/*.md',
      urlSchema: 'manual',
      urlPrefix: 'docs'
      root: path.join(__dirname, 'docs'),
      pattern: '**/*.md',
      urlSchema: 'manual',
      urlPrefix: 'docs/ember'
  labels: {
    components: 'Components',
    core: '@docfy/core',
    ember: '@docfy/ember',
    docs: 'Documentation'

You are not required to create this file. If Docfy cannot find it, we will use a default configuration. By default markdown files are read from docs in the root of the Ember app.