Docfy has a set of options you can configure and might have read about them here. You might have been wondering how to set these options in the Ember app context.

The Docfy integration with Ember reads a file named .docfy-config.js from the root of your app to set the config.

In this file, you can add any Remark Plugins, add markdown file sources, and more.

Below is a example of a configuration file.

// .docfy-config.js

const path = require('path');
const autolinkHeadings = require('remark-autolink-headings');
const highlight = require('remark-highlight.js');
const codeImport = require('remark-code-import');

module.exports = {
  remarkPlugins: [
    [autolinkHeadings, { behavior: 'wrap' }],
  sources: [
      root: path.resolve(__dirname, '../../../docs'),
      pattern: '**/*.md',
      urlSchema: 'manual',
      urlPrefix: 'docs'
      root: path.join(__dirname, 'docs'),
      pattern: '**/*.md',
      urlSchema: 'manual',
      urlPrefix: 'docs/ember'
  labels: {
    components: 'Components',
    core: '@docfy/core',
    ember: '@docfy/ember',
    docs: 'Documentation'

You are not required to create this file. If Docfy cannot find it, we will use a default configuration. By default markdown files are read from docs in the root of the Ember app.