Build fully personalized documentation sites; write content and demos in Markdown.

Docfy is a modular JavaScript tool to help build documentation sites. Its core has all the essential features to help you create a full-featured docs app while writing all your content in Markdown.

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Use any framework or library

The core package is framework agnostic so that we can have integrations with projects like Ember, React, Vue, Glimmer, Express and others.

Markdown processing

We will process all your markdown content using remark. You can extend and modify the output by using their vast selection of plugins.

Multi-location source files

Write your documentation next to your packages in a monorepo project by specifying multiple source locations of markdown files.


We combine "demo" markdown files into a data structure representing a page; You can turn these demos into executable code. Learn more here.

Plugin system

You can extend and change what Docfy can do by writing plugins or using plugins from the community.

Correct links between files

Link to other documents by using their file location, we will find these links and modify them to use the exact URL of that file.

Table of Content per page

We will process and expose all the headings present on a given page. This feature is perfect for building an "on this page" section.

Use the official Docfy integration with Ember to run your docs as an Ember app. Perfect for writing docs for design systems, UI libraries, and addons.


Write demos of your components in a single markdown file. We will extract and make them executable.

Preview templates

Write an HBS code block and have it rendered with the source code next to it.

Built-in Components

Use the integrated components to get data out of the processed markdown files, pages, and much more.

Write HBS in Markdown

Similarly to HTML in Markdown, you can have Handlebars code anywhere in the Markdown.


You can write your app to be Server Side Rendered, Docfy works in FastBoot without any issues.

Prember integration

You can pre-render all your documentation pages using prember. Docfy will inform prember about all the URLs it has.

Ready to dive in? Start building your next docs site with Ember and Docfy.

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