Documentation is an essential part of any software today. Without documentation, users are not able to take full advantage of projects. To allow developers and teams to build documentation sites, having a powerful tool under the hood to help them to deliver well-crafted documentation sites is the reason Docfy exists.

There are a lot of amazing tools out there for writing documentation sites; however, most of them are specific to a framework without exposing any core functionality for writing documentation sites for other frameworks or libraries.

A common use case for documentation sites is for demoing a component library or a design system where you want to render your components in-place next to your markdown content. Therefore, having the documentation site use the same framework or libraries as your design system is essential for delivering a pleasant experience to its users.

Docfy is modular such that it exposes its core functionality for building documentation interfaces on top of it. Docfy also has some official libraries for building documentation interfaces using Ember.js.

Docfy allows extending its core functionality by exposing a plugin system. It also allows extending the markdown processor by using remark under the hood. Remark has many plugins that can help you to extend and modify your markdown files.