This component is useful for linking to pages created by Docfy. It understands how the routing in Ember was designed and can correctly link to a given page URL. If the component is not able to figure out the correct Ember route, it will fall back to setting windown.location directly.

DocfyLink can also link to an anchor; this allows for linking to specific sections on a page. Note that linking to an anchor may cause a full-page reload given that Ember doesn't have support for anchors.

Docfy also uses this component internally to replace any links between your markdown files. It gives a pleasant User Experience because it can use the Ember Routing to make the page transition, removing the need for a full-page reload.

Below you can see a simple example of this component; however, you can see more of its usage throughout the documentation.



Argument Description Type Default Value
@to The URL to link string
@anchor An anchor string | undefined
@activeClass The classes to be added when the link is active string | undefined