Getting Started

Here you can find a simple getting started with the Docfy Core. The core will output an object with the processed content, metadata, and some additional data structures for your convenience.

Create the project

mkdir docfy-core-getting-started && cd docfy-core-getting-started
npm init
# or
yarn init

Add @docfy/core as a dependency

npm install @docfy/core
# or
yarn add @docfy/core

Initialize Docfy

// index.js
const Docfy = require('@docfy/core');
const path = require('path');

new Docfy()
      root: path.join(__dirname, 'docs'),
      urlPrefix: 'docs',
      pattern: '**/*.md'
  .then((result) => {

Create a markdown file

mkdir docs
echo '# Hello Docfy.' > docs/

Run your script

Now you can run the index.js we created earlier.

node index.js